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[Keeping a sunny room cool in August]
[My solution to lanscaping a long narrow area]

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Keeping a sunny room cool in August

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This is our Sun Room which normally gets too hot late in the afternoon, late in the summer. I planted a row of Sunflowers around it and not only does their shade cool it off, but also, I believe, more plant transpiration will help cool an area.

Also, notice that these are Teddybear Sunflowers, so instead of having just one blossom per stalk like normal sunflowers (which makes the plant fall over late in the summer), it has several blossoms on each stalk which act as counter weights so the plants don't fall over.

My solution to landscaping a long narrow area

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First you put up a row of trellises.

Then you grow vines up the trellises.

If you want, you can even string the vines across the top.

Or even all the way up to the roof, et voila! A separate little garden room all unto itself!

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There are some more of my landscaping ideas on my garden pictures page.

I hope you enjoyed this peek at my garden. I've designed it to suit my taste, and as I always say, there's no accounting for taste!

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