TICA Cat Show - February / 2010

Monterey, California




You may think that all you see at a cat show are pretty faces


Bengal kitten




Singapura named Maybelline






Maine Coon



But some cat show kitties like to make *funny* faces

I am fierce vampire!


And I like to sing!

All the kitties want affection


Scratch my chest and
I’ll show you my beautiful green eyes

And to play


I will sit on my sister
until you give me the feather toy.


*My* feather toy!

But the thing they don't tell you about cat shows is that they are love-fests!

This Bengal girl-cat is named "BengalXpress Kaluha"

Of course even the most loving cats can get a little cranky

after hours of looking beautiful for the crowd


But in the end, yep, it’s a love-fest.

Bengal kitten and her auntie

There was kissing

American Curl

And kitties sleeping together!

American Curls


And even interracial kissing!

Siamese and Chausi



 The judge wants to kiss the Egyptian Mau

But he’s saving his love for mom

This Egyptian Mau, Rocky, is now a Supreme Grand Champion!



Jakey feels his kisses are private.

He stuck his tongue out at me
for photographing mom's kiss.



Some seem patient and loving until you find they’ve been
tattooing numbers on your hand when you’re not looking



Some like a baby-hug


But if you look around you'll find more kissing is going on!




Some like both a hug

Japanese Bobtail

*and* a kiss

Japanese Bobtail



This guy has another vice, perforating raffle-tickets

Maine Coon

Kitty wants a licky-kiss

Oriental Shorthair - Cinnamon tabby

Here’s the judge giving the Pixie Bob kitten a little hug

His name is Special Agent Sniper Scout and he's the #1 Pixie Bob
kitten in the 2009/2010 season and a regional winner.

And here’s a big hug for a big Pixie Bob

Notice his hands - some Pixie Bobs are polydactyl

which means they have more than 5 fingers or toes - cool!


Here’s a polydactyl kitty’s paw.  You can see he’s got 7 fingers and 2 or 3 “palms”

Polydactyls can pick up food as though they have opposable thumbs!



This kitty's turned to the bottle!


After just a few drinks her tongue is lolling!

Savannahs are *really* big

Maddie, Savannah kitten


You can see this rare black Savannah’s arm is
almost as long as his mom’s and she’s really tall (5’9”)

Savannah (named Barack)



Barack wants a kiss




And what about the Scottish Folds?

Yes!  She wants a kiss!

Scottish Fold


A big wet kiss!

Scottish Fold



Curlilocks isn’t quite sure what he wants

Selkirk Rex


But this big guy wants a belly rub!



Yep, these cat shows are rife with affection!

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