Our House

is a very very very nice house, with 2 cats on the bed, they're hardly ever fed...(if you believe what they say).

The Front Yard - I leave this pretty much alone - natural hilltop grassland with oaks
  Our house

Here's Nefret on the patio looking to see if there are any birds in the garden

The Back Yard - My Garden

Here's my gazebo full of bird feeders as it is now

But I started out with just a hill covered with weeds and wild grasses (left)
Which I solarized and then planted (middle)
Which grew into *my* garden
(you have to pan to the right.)
First  2005 (barren) -- then 2006 (planted in a Lombard Street manner) -- then (pan right) 2007 (filling in)

Click here to see the
flowers in my secret garden

My Yard

I fence off half of my property for my garden, and I leave the other half natural.
Here you can see the meadow by my house with a couple of fawns foraging in the grass

The View

On cloudy days the mists rest below me in the forest valleys

I like a sunset mist best

Though the view on the other side of the house is nice too
Redwoods are always majestic


And here's the view on my commute to work
(I live where the red arrow is pointing)
red arrow

We don't get clouds very often here and rainbows are practically nonexistent, but I caught this one on my drive over the hill last year:

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