California Sea Otter Mom and Pup

Birth: 11/13/7  - Moss Landing, California

This otter-mom takes good care of her baby

Here's mom setting baby aside so that she can go eat (just about 10 feet away):

Otter 1

Bye bye!
otter 2

Baby doesn't mind;  he can sleep anywhere without even getting wet.
otter 3

I'm back!   Did you miss me?  Are you even awake?

Weeee!  I love riding on mom!

otter 5

Baby?  No, this is my organic tummy warmer.

otter 6

How can you lie there in the water without getting wet?


It's a secret.  I'll tell you if you'll give me some milk.


Oh boy lots of milk!   Hey - don't pick me up!

What's so funny?  I don't get the joke.

Mom!  It's rude to suck on my shoulder!

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