Cat Photos Interdit

I may have been born yesterday, but I KNOW you are not my mom!

Keep oughtta my garden or I'll bite your butt!



I *love* to brush my teeth!  Yeah, that could happen.


I'm getting bored with this find-the-flea game...



I think we can rush the photographer and rip out his film if we work together.


I 've had it with over-regulation!
(Note newspaper headline)


I don't know what this is, but if he's eating it, it must be good.


I had some strange looking puppies in this litter.


They love to humiliate me...

I can catch it - throw it to me !


He is SUCH a whiner!
                                  I want love nowwww!


Redneck Cat Carrier


What a bed hog!


Another bed hog - note the dark gray kitty in the bed on the left


Trusting kitten


The latest in dog head apparel


The vermiscious blue-eyed leopard-killer


Teddy snuggling


Color coordinating your animals is very important


The rare one-eared cat (genetically predisposed to lunacy)


A hug and a kiss


A kitten in the hand can be mighty sleepy


Puddy in duh bed


Unladylike behavior


Sniffing mom's whiskers is a sign of respect!


Too close to the camera?


Natural enemies


The correct way to wash your whiskers


What cats do while we're at work


Too much partying


Bewilderment on a butt


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