How to Fold a Somali

Start with one Somali kitten

(This Silver Somali is named Winter)

It's important not to fall for that innocent look

Pick him up gently

Don't let him fall asleep!

This isn't hugging time either

Next flip the Somali onto his back

Playing with his whiskers will get him into the yoga frame of mind which is necessary for proper folding.

He may develop tail-playing tendencies at this time. 
This too will aid in the limbering process necessary for proper folding.

Here you see the I'm-too-cute-to-be-folded plea, but don't fall for that.  He is loving this.

Next take that beautiful plume of a tail and wrap it over his feet.

Tuck the tail under your hand.

Et Voila!  Kitty is all folded and ready to carry in a neat, compact package.

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